There are many causes of the prevalence of chemical remedies on natural remedies: it is not our intent to disprove them or support the consumer in choosing one or the other. SAVJA points out, however, their absolute certainty on the effectiveness of natural remedies, supported by the evidence of centuries of tradition in the global herbal remedies.

We are firmly convinced that the cooperation between man and nature can provide all the support we need to meet our health, we take from the earth only what is absolutely necessary, in order to provide our customers with naturally effective and healthy remedies.

SAVJA uses specialized and organic certified laboratories to better develop its own formulations. We are sure that you will pleasantly feel all benefits from our products from the first application, in full compliance with the normal cycle of renewal and regeneration of your skin.

We are absolutely certain about the cooperation and respect for nature, therefore even our cartons and each element of packaging is fully recyclable. Our aim is realizing in the short-term external packaging 100% biodegradable.

SAVJA is a young project and in constant development and innovation. Our small team relies on the collaboration of passionate young people, graduates, always looking for new challenges in an attempt to give both to us and future generations a natural and respectful choice.

Our mission is to rely on nature and retrace the steps of our fathers to realize authentic wellness remedies!

Our vision is also our dream, the integrated realization of all stages of production to create unique cosmetics: from the seed to… your skin!