Welcome to our website www.savja.com. Access and use of the e-commerce www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com are regulated by these General Terms and Conditions. Access and use of this website, as well as the purchase of Products on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com require reading, understanding and acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Should the Customer need assistance, we invite to contact info@savja.com. Information about orders and shipping, refunds and return of purchased Products as well as suggestions and other general information about the services provided by SAVJA, can be found on www.savja.com. For any other legal information, please see the Terms and Conditions section on www.savja.com. SAVJA may amend or simply update all or part of these General Terms and Conditions. Changes and updates of the Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Home Page of www.savja.com and communicated to Customers through the newsletter service and will be binding once posted on the website in this very section. We recommend you to visit regularly the above-mentioned section to check each update.

Access and use of the shop on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com, including web pages’ view, communication with SAVJA, possibility to download Product information and purchase on the web site, are activities carried out by our Customers for personal use exclusively, excluding any trade, business and professional activity. The Customer will be the one and only responsible for the use of the shop on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com and its contents. SAVJA can not be held responsible for any use of the website and its content by each of its members not in accordance with the laws in force, excluding the client’s responsibility for wilful misconduct and gross negligence. In particular, the Customer will be the one and only responsible for the communication of incorrect or false information and data, or related to third parties without their consent, and in consideration of the improper use of the same.

Moreover, since each material will be downloaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the service at the choice and risk of the Customer, any liability for damages to computer systems or loss of data resulting from the download process lies with the user and can not be attributed to SAVJA, which accepts no responsibility for possible damages resulting from inaccessibility to services on the website or from any damage caused by viruses, corrupted files, errors, omissions, interruptions of the service, deletions of content, problems to network, providers or telephone and/or data transmission, unauthorised access to, alteration of data, failure and/or malfunction of electronic equipment to the Customer.

The Customer is responsible for the safekeeping and proper use of his/her personal information, including credentials that allow access to restricted services, as well as for any damaging consequence or prejudice that may arise against SAVJA or third parties as a result of incorrect use, loss or theft of such information.

The offer and sale of the Products on the website www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com are governed by the

General Terms and Conditions listed below. Products purchased on the website are sold by:


General conditions of sale for the purchase on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com

  1. Definitions
  2. Object
  3. How to Buy
  4. Conclusion of the contract
  5. Payment
  6. Shipping
  7. Warranty for defective Products
  8. Right of termination
  9. Privacy Policy
  10. Information and complaints
  11. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution
  12. Intellectual Property Rights
  13. Trademarks and Domain Names
  14. Trade Policy

1. Definitions

  • SAVJA di Ghidini Nicola” hereinafter referred to as “SAVJA” is the service provider that performs as the Seller.
  • Client” means the Purchaser of Products that performs as the Consumer, meaning those individuals and legal entities that purchase and act for purposes unrelated to their business or professional activity.
  • Website” is the set of web pages related to SAVJAs.a.s di Bonomi Simone.
  • Prices” are the costs of the Products listed on the website.
  • Delivery fees” are the costs of shipment of the Products.
  • Special Offers” are sales made by SAVJA at special conditions for all or part of the Products
    and for limited periods of time.
  • Cart” is the virtual container of the Products selected by the Customer for purchase on the
  • Sales Conditions” are the rules herein governing the relationship between the Customer and
    SAVJA to purchase the Products.
  • Delivery” : the delivery time falls within a range from a minimum of 2 days to a maximum of
    7 working days.

2. Object

The offer and sale on the websites www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com integrate a distance contract governed by Articles 50 ff. of Legislative Decree dated 6th September 2005, nr.206 (Consumer Code) and by Legislative Decree 9th April 2003 nr. 70 (s.c. Law on Electronic Commerce). The purchase of the Products is intended for consumers. -These Conditions of Sale govern the relationship between the Customer and SAVJA for the purchase of Products on the website. – The Customer is requested to read carefully the Conditions of Sale which SAVJA makes available also in order to enable the re-production and memorization of the mentioned Conditions in accordance with art. 12, par. 3 of Legislative Decree nr.70/2003.

3. How to Buy

  • To proceed with the purchase of Products, Customers will have to follow the instructions showed in the Shop section, in which they will have the possibility to choose whether they want to register by entering their personal details, which will be kept in the system file, or proceed to the purchase without registration. By entering their email address, Customers allow SAVJA to use it to send over information concerning special offers, news and newsletters.
  • The Customer must enter the selected Product/s into the “cart” and then proceed to the payment section.
  • The Customer can also calculate the cost for shipping through the dedicated box placed below the order summary.
  • Should the Customer need to amend the purchase order or any of the information contained in it, he can follow the proper procedure for amendment contained in the website. In particular, the Customer has the right to modify the number of Products he wishes to purchase, adding or deleting one or more Products from the shopping cart. For any further information we suggest to contact by email info@savja.com or our Customer Service by phone at (0039).030.7777.901. After each amendment to the order the Customer can click on “Update Cart” to see the updated total for the order.
  • On completion of this transaction, the Customer can proceed to “Checkout” by clicking on the button on the right hand side or on the big button “Proceed to checkout” located below the order summary. In this section the Customer will see the summary of their order and will have to fill in the forms with the delivery address as well as billing address. The purchase form must be clearly filled in its entirety.
  • In the section “Your Order” located in the same page below the two forms the Customer will see the order summary and will have to select the preferred payment type, choosing between Bank Transfer and PayPal.
  • By clicking on “Place Order” the Customer confirms to have inserted correctly all personal details and that they want to proceed to the payment and terminate the purchase.
  • Once the payment is confirmed, the Customer will receive a confirmation email for the order just concluded.

4. Conclusion of the contract

  • With the confirmation of the purchase order by the Customer, the terms of sale and the information contained on the website shall be deemed fully known and accepted by the Customer.
  • The Order Confirmation by SAVJA sent to you at the email address provided, will represent your acceptance of the contract proposal.
  • The contract will be concluded, and shall be binding for both parties, once the Order Confirmation will be sent to the Customer.
  • The order confirmation sent by email from SAVJA includes a mention of the Product/s purchased; an indication of the price; means of payment; cost of delivery, the right of termination, in accordance with the provisions of article 13 of Legislative Decree nr. 70/03.
  • After the payment you will receive an email informing you that the payment is received and since then deadlines for the preparation and shipping of your order become effective.
  • If our staff would ever find errors in your order or your order is considered not-processable in the time and manner required, you will be informed immediately, by means of an email that will specify that your order has been REFUSED; should you receive this message, please contact us by phone at the number (0039).030.7777.901.
  • Any right of the Customer to damages or compensation and any contractual or non-contractual

liability for direct or indirect damages to people and/or property, caused by lack of acceptance, even partial, of an order or the cancellation due to failure to pay within the stipulated period is excluded.

  • In the Products catalogue published on the website www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com the availability of Products, even if constantly updated, can be changed in real time and without notice.
  • The Customer is buying Products viewable and described on our website and agrees that Product images may not be fully representative of their characteristics, and may differ in colour and shades, dimensions or accessories shown in the picture.

5. Payment

  • Prices are stated in Euros (€) and include all taxes and/or applicable fees.
  • Product prices do not include shipping fees, the amount of which will be provided to the
    Customer in the summary of the purchase order.
  • The price of the Products will be shown on the website when ordering.
  • The Customer can choose between two mode of payment: by account and/or credit card on
    PayPalTM; by bank transfer.
  • Payment by PayPalTM: Customers must provide the required data to be handled directly by
    PayPalTM without re-entering personal credit card or debit card details. PayPalTM is a leader
    company in online payments.
  • SAVJA DOES NOT accept other not specified forms of payment.

6. Shipping

  • Delivery of the Products will be sent by courier and times will vary depending on the destination, the time at which the order will be acquired and the availability of the Products.
  • For available Products SAVJA will deliver the goods to the courier within 2 working days after
    receipt of the purchase order.
  • Barring unforeseen circumstances the delivery times in the country will be equal to 2 working
    days after delivery to the courier. For hard to reach locations such as mountain resorts, small islands, extreme suburbs, the delivery time will be equal to 5-7 working days. For international deliveries the delivery time will be of about 4-5 working days.
    Our system will calculate your shipping costs based on certain parameters dictated by the national carrier and you can check the cost of your shipment after the completion of your order by reading the list under “Calculate Shipping”. For certain Products we specify that shipping costs are already included in the final amount. Please carefully check your order summary and the costs listed in order to avoid problems of various kinds before sending your order and especially BEFORE PAYING.
    Delivery times after despatching and possible delays do not depend on SAVJA, which will endeavour to mediate and try to solve any problem connected to delivery with the courier. The Customer, by accepting our terms of use, exempts SAVJA from any liability in this regard. For shipments we will use the address provided during the registration to the site or during the purchase process. We therefore kindly require the Customer to fill in the part relating to the address in its entirety, making sure all information is correct.

Please check our delivery fees sections below:


Italy : 6.00 € (free with any purchase over 30.00€)

Europe :

– Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom: 13,00 €

– Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania,

Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden: 17,00€

We suggest you contact the carrier directly if you are not at home to arrange delivery at certain times. If you require a specific time you may need to pay an additional charge to the courier. If you have any special request regarding shipping you can also send an email directly to info@savja.com.

7. Warranty for defective Products

If you find inside your pack damaged products, we urge you to send an email to our address info@savja.com, within 24 hours of receiving the Product, enclosing the photographic documentation on damaged merchandise. The email will also have to contain the reference of the order number and shipping. By opening of the case we will proceed to reimburse the cost of the goods or, at the discretion of the Customer, to a new shipment of the damages Products. SAVJA will cover all applicable costs.

8. Right of termination

– 1- In accordance and by effect of art. 64 et seq. Legislative Decree nr. 206/05, the Customer may exercise the right of termination, without penalty and without specifying the reason.

The Customer will have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Send by email to info@savja.com or by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, its wish to terminate the contract within 2 working days of receiving the Product.
  2. Send, using a courier of your choice, the Product back to SAVJA’s warehouse , carefully packed in the original package, and include a copy of the registered letter (if sent).
    B1) SAVJA will proceed, by bank transfer, to the reimbursement of the cost stated in the
    purchase order and the initial shipping charges, which is that relating to the Products for which the right of termination has been exercised, within 30 days following the receipt of the Products.
    B2) The right of termination will be ineffective if the Product is not returned intact, which means the original packaging is missing, or in the absence of elements of the Product, or the Productis damaged for reasons other than transportation. The Products should also not be used and must be returned in their original packaging. The returned Products must be sent to SAVJA in a single shipment. SAVJA reserves the right not to accept Products of the same order if they are returned and delivered at different times.

The client agrees that in case of disputes the competent court will be that of Brescia.

11. Information and complaints

For further information or clarification on the terms of sale and the Products the Customer may contact us at (0039).030.7777.901from Monday to Friday, from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 5pm.

12. Governing Law and Dispute Resolution

The contract between SAVJA and the Customer shall be governed by Italian law.
In the event of a malfunction or dispute between SAVJA and the Customer, the Judicial Authority of the place of residence or domicile of the Customer will be the territorially competent one (if located in the territory of the Italian state) identified in accordance with art. 63 of Legislative Decree 6th September 2005, nr.206 and with the express exclusion of the application, even partial,

of the Vienna Convention of 1980 on the subject of international sale of goods.

For Customers domiciled in states of the European Union Articles. 15-17 Reg. 44/01 EU will apply. For Customers domiciled outside the European Union the Court of Brescia will be responsible.

13. Intellectual Property Right

The contents of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com such as, for example, images, photographs, texts, dialogues, music, sounds, videos, documents, drawings, figures, logos and any other material, in any format, published on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com, including menus, web pages, graphics, colours, schemes, tools, fonts, charts and website design, layout, methods, processes, functions and software that are part of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com site are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right of SAVJA and other rights holders. Re- production in whole or in part, in any form, of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com and their contents, without the express consent in writing by SAVJA, which has the exclusive right to authorise or prohibit or indirect, temporary or permanent re-production, in any manner or form, in whole or in part, of www.savja.com  and www.tribaltattoocare.com websites and their contents. With regard to the use of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com, the Customer is only authorised to view the website and its content. The Customer is also authorised to do all other acts of temporary re- production, with no independent economic significance, which are considered transient or incidental and an integral part of the essential viewing of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com and their contents and all other operations of web surfing on the website that are carried out only for the lawful use of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com and their contents. The Customer is not authorised to perform any re-production, on any media, in whole or in part of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com and their contents. Any re-production must be, from time to time, authorised by SAVJA or, if necessary, by the authors of the works contained in the website. Such re-production shall be carried out for lawful purposes and in accordance with the copyright and other intellectual property rights of SAVJA and the authors of the works contained on the website. The authors of the individual works published in www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com have, at any time, the right to claim authorship of their works and to object to any distortion, mutilation or other modification of the works including any damage caused to the works, that is prejudicial to their honour or reputation. The Customer is obliged to respect the copyright of the artists who have chosen to publish their works onwww.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com or who have worked with www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com to the creation of new forms of expression and artistic works intended for publication, also not limited to the website, or, again, that form an integral part of it. In addition, the Customer is not, under any circumstances, be entitled to use, in any manner or form, the contents of the website and every single work protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right. For example, you may not alter or modify the contents and copyright works without the consent of SAVJA.

14. Trademarks and Domain Names

All other brands that distinguish the Products sold on and www.tribaltattoocare.com are trademarks of their respective owners and are used within www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com for the sole purpose of distinguishing, describing and advertising items for sale on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com website. SAVJA and all other holders of registered trademarks are entitled to the exclusive use of the trademarks of their respective ownership. Any use of trademarks not in accordance with the law is prohibited and carries serious legal consequences. It is not possible to use those trademarks and other distinctive feature of www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com to take unfair advantage of the distinctive character or reputation of these brands or to be detrimental to them and their owners.

15. Trade Policy

SAVJA adopted a private business policy that is the sale of Products through its own services and its own website only to the “end user”, which means any natural person or legal entity acting on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com, for purposes other than resale. If you are not a end user, please do not use our services to buy Products on www.savja.com and www.tribaltattoocare.com. SAVJA will, otherwise, have the right not to consider purchase orders from people who are not end users, and any other purchase order that does not comply with these Terms and Conditions.